Geophysical campaign in Eclépens : What you need to know

Swiss Geo Energy will be conducting a geophysical campaign as part of the GeoCogen Eclépens geothermal project from 20 September to 9 October 2023 in your area.

The campaign’s objective: to create a subsoil map

The main objective of this geophysical campaign is to map the subsoil. Swiss Geo Energy will use this collected data to create a 3D map of the subsoil to a depth of 4,000 m. This map will help identify the most suitable areas for future drilling.

Installation of geophones from 4 September

From 4 September, GEO2X will install geophysical captors (geophones) in 32 municipalities. GEO2X agent will install those with the approval of the Canton of Vaud, the municipalities and the land owners concerned.

Dots of blue paint or small blue flags will mark captors’ positions. These captors are harmless and only record subsoil vibrations. To ensure the accuracy of the data, we ask you not to touch or move these captors. GEO2X will remove the captors after 9 October.

Vibrating trucks: night-time passage

GEO2X will use trucks fitted with metal plates that vibrate every 36 seconds. Geophones will detect these vibrations. The vibrating trucks will travel mainly at night (from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.) at less than 30 km/h speeds. The vibrations can be felt for approx. 30 minutes. Operators will monitor the vibrations’ amplitude to ensure they comply with current standards. You can follow the progress of the vibration lorries on our interactive map.

List of municipalities affected by the geophysical acquisition

The geophysical acquisition will take place in the following communes:

Agiez, Arnex-sur-Orbe, Assens, Bavois, Bettens, Bofflens, Bournens, Boussens, Chavornay, Chevilly, Cossonay, Croy, Daillens, Dizy, Eclépens, Ferreyres, Goumoens, La Chaux (Cossonay), La Sarraz, Lussery-Villars, Moiry, Orbe, Orny, Oulens-sous-Echallens, Penthalaz, Penthaz, Penthéréaz, Pompaples, Saint-Barthélemy (VD), Sullens, Villars-le-Terroir, and Vuarrens.

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