Swiss Geo Energy specialises in the exploration, storage and use of renewable subsurface energy resources in Switzerland and Europe.

We continue to develop and expand our portfolio of energy projects by collaborating with other energy players to accelerate the energy transition and secure a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

Swiss Geo Energy is a subsidiary of Ad Terra.

Our company focuses on developing projects and facilities for producing and storing renewable energy. The exploitation of geothermal reservoirs to harvest clean energy constitutes the core of our work.

We are a privately funded company. It is, therefore, our duty to ensure high levels of responsiveness and responsibility towards our investors and partners, be they institutional or private. Our strategic vision is to develop a renewable, profitable, environmentally sound portfolio. We base our projects on open and transparent communication with the authorities and citizens involved.

We are forming partnerships in renewable geo-energy throughout Switzerland and Europe; we plan to design efficient and sustainable uses for geo-energy to help the market flourish. To do so, we draw on the lengthy, field-tested expertise of our parent company, Ad Terra and our extensive network of highly specialised geo-energy exploration and exploitation consultants.

We root our work ethic upon sustainability, open communication, and compliance with environmental and safety standards.