We are a privately funded company. We therefore must ensure a high level of responsiveness and responsibility towards our investors and partners, be they institutional or private. Our strategic vision is to develop a renewable, profitable, environmentally sound portfolio. We base our projects on open and transparent communication with the authorities and citizens involved.

Swiss Geo Energy is a young company whose flagship project is GeoCogen Eclépens (Canton of Vaud, Switzerland). In parallel, we are forming partnerships in renewable geo-energy throughout Switzerland and Europe; together, we plan to design efficient and sustainable uses for geo-energy to help the market flourish. To do so, we draw on the lengthy, field-tested expertise of our parent company, Ad Terra, and its extensive network of highly specialised geo-energy exploration and exploitation consultants.

Our work ethic is founded upon sustainability, open communication and absolute compliance with the strictest environmental and safety standards.

Our priorities :

1.  Electricity and heat production from geothermal energy

2.  Seasonal storage and use of renewable energy

3.  Exploration and sustainable management of aquifers

Our mission

Swiss Geo Energy (SGE) aims to help speed up the energy transition in Switzerland and abroad. Our vision consists of efficiently transferring state-of-the-art exploration and management technologies from the field of classic geo-energy to the realm of geothermal energy and energy storage. To do so, we develop and implement safe and sustainable energy solutions that comply with the strictest standards.

We aim to seamlessly combine geothermal resources (heat, electricity and, when possible, lithium recovery) and energy storage solutions to create sustainable energy ecosystems. These ecosystems factor in solar, wind and biomass energy and the production and storage of green hydrogen, when feasible.

We aim to deliver concrete solutions to reach the net zero target and, ideally, to achieve a negative carbon footprint. To this end, we systematically aim to combine production and storage capabilities. We thereby intend to provide valuable baseload energy and storage facilities required for the energy transition and energy decarbonisation processes to succeed

The GeoCogen Eclépens project spearheads our work. In parallel, we are establishing local and international partnerships to demonstrate the effectiveness of our geothermal and energy storage technologies and to test innovative lithium extraction concepts by using geothermal fluids from suitable reservoirs.

Our story

Swiss Geo Energy was founded in 2019. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Ad Terra, our parent company. Our main objectives are to build and operate our own energy generation and storage facilities and to drive the decarbonisation of the industrial sector.

Our drive

We are committed to upholding stellar ethics and the highest safety standards. We pride ourselves on being transparent and pragmatic in our work. We rely on tried-and-tested technologies and methods. What’s more, our employees are well-recognised experts.

Strategy and tools

Our solid expertise in the site-based exploitation of hydrogeological resources constitutes the foundation of our overall strategy.

The fields of medium-depth and deep geothermal energy, lithium mining and the design of seasonal energy storage solutions are growing rapidly. They are at the core of our company’s development.

The future of our energy supply will depend on local and renewable production and the interoperability of different means of energy production and storage. Therefore, SGE works with partners that specialise in the following fields: the combined use of geothermal energy and lithium recovery from brines; the cogeneration of power, as is the case in Eclépens, Switzerland; and the sustainable use of aquifers, be it for supplying drinking water, water for use in agriculture, or meeting heating and cooling needs in urban areas.


SGE operates out of Payerne, the capital of northern Vaud (in Switzerland’s Broye district). We rely on our region’s local assets, particularly its infrastructure, population and industrial fabric. We are committed to supporting our region’s economic development as a private player.