GeoCogen La Broye

About the project
GeoCogen La Broye

The GeoCogen La Broye project aims to produce electricity and heat to supply the district heating networks in the Payerne, Avenches, and Fribourg regions.

If the geothermal potential is confirmed, one or more hydrothermal geothermal power plants could be established.

Moreover, the project includes the exploration of lithium and native hydrogen resources, both essential for the energy transition.

The State of Vaud grants Swiss Geo Energy an exploration permit in the Payerne-Avenches region

Swiss Geo Energy (SGE) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the surface research permit (PRSU) for the GeoCogen La Broye project, which was granted on March 22 by the State of Vaud.

This new permit paves the way for a geophysical campaign using seismic reflection in the Broye area to verify the geothermal potential. At this stage, the operations are planned between fall 2025 and spring 2026.

Geothermal energy: clean and inexhaustible

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source that does not depend on seasonal variations, weather conditions or the day-night cycle. It is entirely in line with the energy strategies of the Confederation and the canton of Vaud.

Geothermal energy has a small environmental print throughout its value chain, and a geothermal power plant footprint is negligible since the energy valorisation occurs underground.

What is the goal of the GeoCogen La Broye project?
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Why a geophysical campaign?
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When will this geophysical campaign take place?
If Swiss Geo Energy identifies hydrogeological conditions potentially conducive to the exploitation of lithium and native hydrogen, how would these elements be extracted from the subsurface?
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