Geothermal energy

Swiss Geo Energy invests its resources in geothermal energy to transfer the experience acquired by its parent company Ad Terra Energy in the development of renewable underground resources.

The transfer of the most advanced technologies and processes in the field of exploration and exploitation of classical geothermal energy (geophysical prospection, geological and reservoir interpretation and modelling) is the cornerstone on which SGE relies to, for example, accurately image, characterise and map the underground geological structures which most likely contain geothermal reservoirs necessary for geothermal exploitation.

In short, geothermal energy is a renewable and sustainable energy source that can meet our society’s energy needs. Its potential is immense, offering a viable and responsible solution to the current energy crisis.

Our geothermal projects, like GeoCogen Eclépens, aim to be replicable and pragmatic to optimise resources and reduce investment risks.

Our flagship project :

Energy storage

The acute energy crisis affecting our modern societies highlights the need for access to energy sources throughout the year and especially in winter.

New renewable energies, led by solar photovoltaic and wind power, are developing massively and will soon be able to meet electricity and heat or cooling needs during the summer months. However, their intermittent nature and reduced winter production require building up reserves. However, large-scale storage solutions (chemical batteries, green hydrogen) remain expensive and difficult to implement.

Geothermal energy production, both in the form of heat and electricity, can “jump into the breach” thanks to its stable, predictable and scalable energy supply. Geothermal energy can benefit from the solution in combination with seasonal heat storage solutions or other vectors such as green hydrogen.

SGE is therefore positioning itself on two main areas of storage solution development: heat storage in appropriate underground horizons and hydrogen storage in stable forms.